Here you can see some programms, ROMs, themes, games and other stuff I translated or took part in translation, presented in an alphabetical order.

Some of them are intensively developed, I keep supporting the translation, some seem to be abandoned, some links could be dead, I do not work with those anymore.

Google Play

  • 1Gallery — beautiful alternative gallery application, actively developed.
  • 1Weather — best weather application, as for me.
  • 66 Pecent — nice game with baloons, I just translated the description.
  • ABC Rom — translation for the extra settings of the custom Android ROM ABC (Android Builders Collective).
  • Amplify — this Xposed module doesn’t need to be presented — it is great for battery optimization.
  • Andrognito — encryption app, I made everything I could, but the translation isn’t inserted and crowdin translation is suspended….
  • AOKP — I was fan of this ROM, nowdays they’re not so active, but I have made some essential cotribution to their development, and I still manage Russian translations on Crowdin.
  • App2SD — it’s a programm of a serius developer, and it’s a serious programm.
  • App Profiles — famous @wedgess created this, but now it isn’t active, maybe, it was integrated somewhere.
  • Apps Giveaway — it as an app app to search free apps right now isn’t present on Google Play.
  • App Shortcut Maker — as I see now, it has changed the name, the translation isn’t applied… But nobody asked me to edit, maybe, it is OK for developer.
  • Battery Doctor — I do not recommend this, but it was me, who translated the original version.
  • BeHe — cute browser.
  • BetterBatteryStats — this is a perfect app allowing you to understand why your phone is loosing it’s battery. I am maintainig programm’s thread on russian 4pda forum.
  • BitRich — link is dead, but as far I remember, it was something abut criptocurrency.
  • Calendar+ advanced calendar app, but I cannot find it on GP now.
  • Car Dashboard — some diagnostic app , but I cannot find it on GP now.
  • CaughtU — some security app, not on GP.
  • Clash of Kings — some famous game, I translated it once, but do not keep supporting because of big chaos in translations.
  • Clean Master— app to clean phone’s memory, I don’t recommend it, too much advertising.
  • CM Backup — backup app, it seems that it isn’t developed anymore.
  • CM Free Wifi — another CM family app for wifi , it seems that it isn’t developed anymore.
  • CM Locker — locker, it seems that it isn’t developed anymore.
  • CM Security — nowdays it has other title, but the purpose is the same — app security.
  • CM Speed booster — other service app, it seems that it isn’t developed anymore. .
  • CM Swipe — even don’t remember what it was for.
  • ClearFocus — helps boosting your productivity by following principles from The Pomodoro Technique .
  • Coingi — something related to cryptocurrency, it seems that it isn’t developed anymore.
  • Compass Ar — another compass, maybe never published.
  • C Floating — some cute floating button, if I remember well.
  • Crius — link is dead, It was clock widget.
  • Eradoo — for erasing phone data.
  • GravityBox N — famous xposed module for tuning your phone.
  • GravityBox O — famous xposed module for tuning your phone.
  • GravityBox P — famous xposed module for tuning your phone.
  • GravityBox Q — famous xposed module for tuning your phone.
  • Greenify — a perfect app for battery saving, one of my favourite apps, actively developed.
  • Icondy — app for packing icons.
  • Kakudo — for faster switching between apps.
  • Kakuro — an interesting puzzle with digits.
  • Language Navi — some programm for translating apps. I do not think it’s useful as while we, translators, work.
  • Lehrer Organizer — cool programm for teachers, but I cannot find it in GP anymore.
  • Lockdown — security app for protect data.
  • Mapster — interesting geography game.
  • Monas — the easiest and the fastest way to manage money.
  • Month — it was some calendar app, not in GP now.
  • MP Security — it was some security app, it has disappeared.
  • MyPS — fitness app.
  • Planets — it was some learning app, link is dead now.
  • Radiuslocker —  automatically locks your phone when your smartwatch falls out of connection range.
  • SD Maid — perfect app for manage everything in your phone:apps, data etc. The only app that cleans!
  • Sfen -profile management app.
  • Solo Brainstorming — to help people to brainstorm alone and generate great list of ideas to solve their problems.
  • Soundseeder app for listening music using several phones.
  • SpecCheck — link is dead, it was some app to compare phones.
  • Subbr — application for editing and converting movie subtitles.
  • Swipes — isn’t active, soma app dealing with gestures.
  • TUFFS — maybe it wasn’t published by developer.
  • Volume button isn’t active, it was an app for volume management.
  • Wait Now — a game for testing your reaction.
  • Wakelock — an app to influence Android’s power management.
  • WeNote — good and colourful Notes app.
  • XBlast Tools — it was a cool app for phone customization. Now isn’t active.
  • XPrivacy — xposed moduletofully protect your privacy
  • Yatse — remote for your media.
  • Zeus — music stroboscope app.

and many other…

By the way, in «Translations» category I publish my other translations and articles, not related to mobile technologies, mostly about cybersecurity. If you use this content, please add my copyright.

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