Bart Bonte games

It isn’t an advertisement, I have never translated anything from this developer and have never met him. I just played his games and I know they’re masterpiece. That is the way puzzles should be like.

Every level is different, solutions do not repeat, you have really make your mind to work. These puzzles are for one like me, I don’t like shooting, jumping, running, tanks, battles etc, but interesting games are the thing that fits my wishes. I have always tried to find a puzzle game that is more than «collect three balls in a row» thing. And Bonte games are really a kind of intellectual puzzles. Music is also awfull! I do stongly recommend Red, Yellow, Black and Blue. Just try!

I am suscribed to his updates, today I’ve got a letter informing about his new game, but it is not free, I am just thinking, whether I will buy it or not, maybe it will be worth this small amount of money.

The last game, Blue, is now candidate of People’s Choice Award 2020 on Pocketgamer. If you tried it and enjoyed this puzzle, you can leave your vote there.

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